Resolved Question: i need some advice…please, anyone?..sorry if it’s a bit long..i just need help.?

I will give you some detail. I’m a 19 year old female, i live in Toronto, i was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder a couple years ago after my cocaine and ecstasy addiction (which is now non-existent). I try to keep away from my medication (lorazepam) unless my anxiety and paranoia becomes unbearable. Right now my situation consists of taking care of my brother and grandma while going to college, doing a field work placement, and working. My mom works three jobs seven days a week, and my dad is dying with kidney and heart failure…we may lose the house because my dad’s unemployment runs out in december. I’m under a lot of stress, i don’t know how i manage to keep an above 90 average..but i do.My boyfriend of three years is addicted to porn, like actually. Everyday for hours, even if im there or if i leave for a couple hours. But hes no longer helpful in my situation, he cheated on me a couple years ago, i got over it. but he insists on telling me horrible details its driving me insane.LITERALLY!
Anyway, i went to the doctor and i have been referred to a psychiatrist. because my thoughts and actions have become obsessive compulsive according to my doctor. But i’ve tried effexor, and celexa they didn’t work in the past. I’m really afraid of depending on an anti-depressant. What should I do, should I take what they give me, or should i let this go on, I’m so depressed, and i’ve never felt so anxious in my life. I have no one to turn to…what do i do? (i’m not suicidal or anything) Thanks in advance.
and my boyfriend is moving in, because we really need the money, and he needs somewhere to stay.
I’m also not a religious i don’t know..

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