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1. There are over _____ licensed drivers in Florida
A. 3 Million B. 9 Million C. 14 Million
2. The best tool to extinguish a small gasoline or diesel fire is a portable fire extinguisher.
A. True B. False
3. LSD can make a person
A. Have illusions and hallucinations B. Sleep better C. Feel more perceptive
4. You never have to stop more than once at a stop sign.
A. True B. False
5. A driver is labeled a habitual traffic offender if they receive fifteen total traffic convictions within a five-year period.
A. True B. False
6. Warning signs are usually _____-shaped.
A. Circle B. Triangle C. Diamond
7. You may lose your drivers license
A. When you turn 70 years old B. If you accumulate too many points on your driving record C. If you stop driving for more than 5 years
8. If you miss your exit on the freeway, it is legal to stop and back-up.
A. Never. B. When the traffic is very light. C. As much as thirty yards.
9. Your low beam headlights illuminate the road in front of you for approximately:
A. 100 feet B. 300 feet C. 500 feet
10. BAC stands for
A. Basic Alcohol Consumption. B. Basic Alcohol Comprehension. C. Blood Alcohol Concentration
11. The maximum speed limit for a school zone in Florida:
A. Is usually 15 m.p.h. but never higher than 20 m.p.h. B. Is usually 10 m.p.h. but never higher than 25 m.p.h. C. Is usually 20 m.p.h. but never higher than 25 m.p.h.
12. A large car fire presents the possibility of
A. an explosion. B. toxic fumes. C. both of the above.
13. In a merge situation, the right of way goes to the car occupying the lane into which other cars are merging.
A. True B. False
14. Stimulants
A. Decrease alertness B. Increase alertness C. None of the above
15. Ethanol is the active principle in intoxicating drinks
A. True B. False
16. You are allowed to use your vehicle horn:
A. Whenever you are angry at another driver. B. Only when reasonably necessary to prevent a collision. C. To say hello to your friends if you pass them on the road.
17. ____ of manslaughters are due to alcohol
A. 68% B. 71% C. 50%
18. Alcohol affects brain cells, your liver, stomach lining, and kidneys
A. True B. False
19. The shape of a sign warns you of what is ahead:
A. True B. False
20. The number on the Speed Limit sign is.
A. The safest maximum speed for that road. B. Always at least 5 mph lower than what you can be ticketed for. C. Not applicable if the traffic is very light.
21. Each year over 42,000 people die in car crashes.
A. True B. False
22. An example of a dangerous passing situation is:
A. When the oncoming car is close and you have a long line of traffic ahead of you B. When you can’t see clearly ahead and the maneuver may not be completed in time C. All options
23. A limit line marks the beginning of a intersection
A. True B. False
24. ___ of murders are due to alcohol
A. 54% B. 56% C. 75%
25. White or Red signs
A. Indicate B. Regulate C. Direct
26. If you start to skid, you should apply a quick pumping motion to your brakes if you have anti-lock brakes.
A. True B. False
27. Which of the following will remove alcohol from your system?
A. Coffee B. Dancing C. Time
28. Addiction is
A. Compulsive B. Repulsive C. Voluntary
29. Impaired drivers will sometimes:
A. Drive very slow. B. Drive with the windows open. C. Both of the above
30. What is the most popular drug tried by teens.
31. People who worry that a safety belt wrinkles their clothes can:
A. Place a small hand towel or handkerchief between them and the seat belt B. Drive with one hand and hold the belt away from them with the other C. Wear only their lap belt
32. Pedestrians
A. Always legally have the right-of-way. B. Never have the right-of-way. C. Are hard to see
33. In the event of an emergency, a motorcycle can stop:
A. More quickly than a car. B. Less quickly than a car. C. Equally as quickly as a car.
34. A yellow line separates traffic moving in different directions.
A. True B. False
35. A diamond lane on the freeway is called a High Occupancy or HOV lane
A. True B. False
36. In a crash test using dummies without seat belts, at 25 MPH, the dummy had half its head taken off by the rear view mirror
A. True B. False
37. If you are found guilty of speeding and causing a collision, you will receive _____ points on your license.
A. Four B. Six C. Eight or Twelve
38. Your level of intoxication will be a lot higher if you have a bottle of beer rather than a glass of wine
A. True B. False
39. Narcotics are
A. Not addictive B. Very addictive C. Sometimes addictive
40. 25% of drivers between the ages of 15 and 20 were killed in a motor vehicle crashes had been drinking.

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