Resolved Question: I feel cold hearted and i need some serious advice from someone that knows?

i im a 18 year old male and i have been seeing help. I’ve been told that i dont have feelings because emotional repression, the guy helping me is a tool. all he says is that i have serious problems and does nothing about it. So my point here is that i have no feelings towards anyone except my brother because my brother and i know exactly what we both have gone through. i pick fights with people because of jealousy towards their silverplater lives.

My mother has a serious crack cocaine addiction that has brought her in and out of federal prison. She has sex for crack and made my brother and i fend for our selves for as long as i can remember. When i was nine i came home from school to find my father (who was never there during my childhood) dead with blood all over the wall. I was told he killed himself for owing someone to much money. My brother and myself were brought to foster homes. i went through a moment were i thought i was tough, so my foster parents kicked me out, leaving me homeless for 2 and a half years. After that ordeal was over (not going into to detail about that homeless ordeal) i went on welfare and live alone. i havent seen my brother in 4 years and have no idea where he is. i have serious problems with drugs that im getting help for now. I feel as though i cannot change and i need some advice from someone that has been through a similar situation. it would mean a lot to me

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