Resolved Question: i drink regularly, do you think my liver is damaged? please someone take the time to listen and open my eyes.?

I’m 19, i have been drinking regularly since i was 14 which means at least 2 times a week and since i was 17 probably on average 4 times a week. Do you think this has done damage to my liver? yeah…i know i have a problem..but this is my crutch right now..since stopping my daily addiction to cocaine and ecstasy over a year ago. I’m not what you may think. I do go to university, work, do a placement, homework, take care of my brother because my mom works to much…my dad is dying…we’re going to lose our house. I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, and slight ocd…take no meds… i have to move out soon because we can’t afford our mortgage. But anyways back to the topic…do this damage is done? i have many stomach problems such as IBS…..and pain at least 80% of the day.

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