Resolved Question: I can’t remember the title of this movie. Can anyone else figure it out?

I remember watching a movie many years ago late at night. I thought it was great, but I don’t remember the title, or even any of the characters’ names.

From what I remember, there was a young guy who got involved with a man who created meth in a lab in his apartment. I think it was to fund his cocaine addiction, because many times throughout the movie, the young guy snorts coke to keep himself awake, and it goes through some crazy intricate view inside his body, showing the effect on his brain, and showing his pupils dilate.

Anyways, he does a bunch of favors for this meth dealer, and all kinds of weird stuff happens. For instance, two cops bust another dude who lives in a trailer and strap a wire to him, forcing him to go to some crack dealer’s house and get info on him. The wire gets found on the guy, and he ends up getting shot in the testicle. Dunno what that was about.

Later, the main character (this young guy) gets a prostitute, but has to leave when the meth dealer calls him, so he ties the girl to the bed, puts tape over her mouth and eyes, and leaves.

Alot of other stuff happens that I remember, but I think this gives quite a bit of info. Does anyone have ANY idea what movie I’m talking about? I loved watching it like four years ago, and now I want to see it again.
Oh God, THANK you!!! I don’t know how to pick you as the best answer or reward you or anything, but holy crap THANK you.

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