Resolved Question: How would you view a friend who does cocaine on occasion?

I don’t do drugs myself but I have a friend who does use cocaine at parties and stuff, maybe once every few months and just a small amount.

I’d like answers from people over 18 if possible. Also I understand that cocaine addictions are harmful so please don’t explain the effects. This friend does it on rare occasion and doesn’t feel really feel the need to do it, just does it cuz it’s there. I’m simply asking how you would view this friend, if you don’t do it yourself.
Some very interesting theories so far.

The reason I ask for over 18 is I want people with at least some adult life experience who can give me at least a few varying perspectives.

Also I’m not sure if it makes a difference but it’s a guy, he’s over 30 years old so he understands risks and everything. He doesn’t have an addictive personality, and he’s also over 200 lbs so maybe he can handle more (not sure how it works) but I don’t think that small amount does much to him, from what I know. It’s just a social thing I suppose.

Anyway he is a good friend, a good person, someone I am honoured to be friends with for many reasons. So I’m not just gonna kick him out of my life. He is also compatible with me in many ways EXCEPT the occasional drug use.

So I’m interested in how other people would feel about this situation. Should I let him do his own thing? Perhaps just not hang around him when he does it? Tell him I don’t like it so stay away? OR just not care and ignore what he’s doing?
I have already grown up, in fact I am older than most people on here. As I’ve already mentioned, I cannot stop being his friend. It’s his choice and this is not Intervention. I’m just wondering how to best handle it cuz obviously I can’t stop him. Should I not hang around him when he does it? Tell him I hate it? Or just ignore?

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