Resolved Question: How would you feel if this happened to your child or family member?


Pressly, 26, was attacked early Oct. 20, 2008, at her home in Little Rock. Her mother, after she did not answer her phone, went to her house and found her daughter lying in blood, she had been hit so hard, blood was on the ceiling. She heard her daughter whimpering while she was trying to stop the bleeding.

A doctor discovered that her face shattered “like an egg” during the attack. “I could feel crunchiness” while examining Pressly’s face, he said. A photo he used showed her nose pushed to one side.
Pressly, the co-host of a morning TV show was hit so hard that a tooth — root intact — flew to her bedroom floor. Another blow crushed bones in the middle of her face. Another shoved her jaw backward, leaving her brain starved for blood.

The examiner also said Pressly’s left forearm had an abrasion, consistent with being held tightly, and that her left hand was swollen, blue and broken in five places.

A nurse testified that during the examination she couldn’t tell that Pressly was a woman.

“Her jaw was over to the side. It [her face] was not symmetrical,” Pressly entered the hospital bleeding from the sides of her head.

A doctor testified that Pressly’s face was “not recognizable as human.” And her “nose was so badly crushed it didn’t look like a nose,” and her jaw was so far dislocated that it appeared to be part of her neck, doctors spent 2 ½ hours stabilizing her.

She suffered five skull fractures.

CT scans taken after the attack showed that her swollen brain gradually died. By Oct. 25, 2008, the day Pressly died, her brain was so swollen that no blood could enter.

Jacqueline Vance Burnett, 46, his mother said that his behavior was due in part to her addiction to crack cocaine, and abuse he suffered by her. She was a crack-addicted whore who didn’t take care of her children, and this was supposed to be an ‘excuse’ for this animal. Vance’s lawyer, had urged jurors — who had convicted Vance a day earlier of capital murder, rape, burglary and theft of property — to have the “courage” to not impose the death penalty. She seems to agree that it’s ok to do this to someone as long as you had a “hard childhood”

This is a piss-poor excuse for justice. The only person who came out golden here was the defendant, Vance. He will be fine in prison, We all know the real reason he got off was because he was a poor, poverty-stricken, un-educated, piece of crap who had a bad childhood. He should be locked in a cell with no light, no bed, no mattress, no television, no books, no internet, no window, no clothes, no visitors, no mail privileges. He should not be allowed to have any hot meals for the duration of his life, only cold sandwiches. He should not be allowed any medical treatment for any reason. If he’s sick, let him die.
TOMCAT: You don’t get it, I dont think you understand, this guy DID all of these things to her, and life was all he got. If you look at the criminal cases for other people on Death Row in Arkansas, they didn’t do a fraction of what this POS did. Anyone in AR knows the real reason he got off.
Google this if you don’t believe me. This story made NATIONAL NEWS.
NAME: Anne Pressley
Worked at: KATV’s “Daybreak” program
Murdered in October 2008

Google: Curtis Vance; Anne Pressley, KATV murder trial. I got this information off of the transcripts read in court, and the many news articles on the trial. It’s people like you that allow people like Curtis Vance to get life w/o parole, you bury your heads in the sand and act like we have the perfect world, and we don’t. No, I didn’t come up w/this story. It wasn’t fabricated, it happened less than 5 blocks from where I live(d). We were terrified for weeks b/c we thought it was going to happen again. God, i hate ASSumers like you.

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