Resolved Question: how to make a 7 year old not so picky?

my 7 year old step-daughter has just come to live with us, and this child is SOOOO picky! My husband and my 3 other children and I all do “clean eating”.That is to say, we do all organic, and the least amount of processed stuff that we can do. We don’t do soda, or chips, or candy or any other kind of things like that. We don’t do spaghetti o’s or chef boy r dee or whatever or chicken nuggets and fries. That is all this child is used to eating and it is making it VERY trying at meal times. She cries and refuses to eat anything. I don’t want her to be upset, but I don’t want to just give in to the junk either, because then EVERYONE will want what she has! Her mother is not in the picture, so I can’t talk to her about it. The child’s mother has a terrible cocaine addiction and alcohol problem. The child is in terrible need of therapy…which we are already working on.
i never ate junk when i was growing up either, my parents didn’t think things like that were good for you and neither do we. I don’t want to fill my children with preservatives and chemicals, added growth hormones and such. my twins have never even tasted soda, and i’ll not have them start now!

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