Resolved Question: how should i end my essay its a research paper about drugs and is what i already have rigth?

A drug is any chemical taken into the body that alters normal body processes. Do you know why they’re bad for your body? Drugs are bad for your body because, they have chemicals in them that change the way a person’s body work. Drugs are addictive because they go straight to the “pleasure sensors” in the brain, which releases a natural chemical in your brain called “Dopamine” which is the chemical that makes you feel good.

They are in every home, school, and hospital in the nation. Every where you look people are affected by them, but as common as they are it doesn’t make them harmless. It is one of the most popular past-times of junior high and high school aged kids these days, and the fad is rapidly increasing. Some of the most common drugs used everyday by kids and teens are, Nicotine, Heroin, Cocaine, Alcohol, Ecstasy, Morphine , and Marijuana.

One of the drugs I’m interested in the most is cigarettes because they are one of the most common drugs that affects’ kids and teens. Cigarettes have Nicotine in them which are the drug in tobacco that causes addiction. When a user is addicted to nicotine, they feel as if they need nicotine in order to function normally. Nicotine affects the entire body. Nicotine acts directly on the heart to change heart rate and blood pressure. It also acts on the nerves that control respiration to change breathing patterns. In high concentrations, nicotine is deadly in fact one drop of purified nicotine on the tongue will kill a person.

The National Institute of Drug Abuse reports that marijuana is the illegal drug most often used in this country. Studies show nearly 50% of teens try marijuana before they graduate high school. Kid’s site their use of marijuana as a way for them to cope with life’s problems, to deal with anxiety, anger or depression, a way to escape reality, or to simply ease boredom. Long term use studies of high school students substantiate the fact that use of the more dangerous drugs, is almost always preceded by the use of marijuana. Therefore, marijuana is often considered a gateway to more serious drugs.

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