Resolved Question: How long is crushed and snorted pill visible in your nose?

My friend (yes seriously, my friend, I do not have chronic pain) wants to snort her tramadol (I know its non-narcotic, it just helps her nerves, she had a cocaine addiction years ago) when she needs to see her pain specialist tomorrow.

I told her its reaaaaly a bad idea, because the doctor can just look up your nose and see that you snorted it. (in her contract it states it must be taken orally) and she will lose any chance of real pain medication

So my question is, how long before the evidence is gone/the doctor can no longer tell if she has? will nasal sprays help clear it out? please help me, and give me real answers, no *Take them as prescribed you addict!!!!11!* or *you can melt them down and bang em man!*


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