Resolved Question: how does cocaine make you feel?

ok so i need to write a paper on cocaine addiction and i have to b an addict and i hv to explain how i feel and stuff like that and i need to know how you can get over it and i also need alot of details so dont be affraid to py anything!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Ed says:

    It’s hard to describe, really. Imagine that feeling you get when you score the winning goal in a soccer tournament or accomplishing something combined with an adrenaline rush like skiing down a really big hill.Doing a line of coke is also a huge boost to your ego. You feel like you are the shit. You can take anything, anyone, anytime. You can do anything you want; the world is your oyster. To top it off, you have this really good feeling radiating in your chest, and your heart beats like crazy. Your face and nasal passages feel numb and you have this metallic-like taste dripping down from your nose to your throat (Post-Nasal Drip). You’re also extremely focused on the task at hand and motivated. Studying,Sports, anything becomes a breeze.It’s like a turbocharger for your body and mind, an “on” switch.

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