Resolved Question: How do I stop doing drugs?

I have an extreme addiction to cocaine right now. I have recently stopped smoking heroin and moved on to coke because I’ve overdosed 3 times on heroin. I am also addicted to oxy and can’t live a day without coke or oc. My family knows about me doing drugs by not that I cannot stop for 5 hours. I know I need help but I am not even 17 so I can’t let anyone know what should I do?
I’ve done salvia and I love it but that does stop me from doing coke or oxy. I’ve done many drugs, crack coke acid nitrous oxy xanex Valium and a lot other perscription drugs buy once my friend died because of my addiction I got really depressed and didn’t care I’d I overdosed or not. I can’t let my family find out about my qdeicions it’s somehing not many people would understand but it just can’t happen thanks everyone for the support. I got sober for 4 daysbut then used so much that if been up for 3 days straight I know I need help I just don’t know what to do

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