Resolved Question: How do I help my brother with his heavy drug addiction problem?

I love my brother to death, my heart broken in million pieces knowing his drug addiction problem ruined his bright future.
He went to UC Berkeley 15 year ago. While in college, he hang out with people he shouldn’t have, and he got very bad drug problem. It was not just marijuana, it was the heavy stuff like cocaine and all kinds of other stuff that I didn’t even know of. He quit school for that reason and became a bartender. Now, he’s living with mom and dad and take care of the house bill. I know how stressful he is everyday.
The doctor said since the drug was in his system for so long, he would probably never be cured. I worried sick that he would go back to drugs. What can I do to help? I don’t want to lose my brother to drugs.

p.s. My brother has been sober for 2 years. Does it mean that he will never go back to drugs?

I should not have posted here but normally I get more response from people here. I am in need of help. thanks.

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