Resolved Question: How do I help my boyfriend get rid of a drug addiction?

He’s addicted to legal cocaine and it has very bad effects on him. He wants to quit and he’s been off them for 2 weeks now, or at least that’s what he tells me. What should I do to make it easier for him?How exactly should I be there for him?He has a tendency towards violence and rejects any help/advice whatsoever from anyone…So….what do you think I should do, how can I help?

Thank you
PrettyBoy, he refuses to go to a drug center
rehab center, sorry….I tried that but he refused
Again, I tried with the rehab center, it didn’t work. I also tried telling his parents about it. A long time ago, he begged me to talk to his parents, if he got really addicted and if it got worse and worse. Which it did, so I talked to them about it and he swears he’s been off for 2 weeks. He still has violent tendencies though.
Another complication is that he’s a cop. From my point of view, this relationship is over, I feel like I deserve much better. But I do love him and I feel it’s my duty to help him quit in a way or another.

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