Resolved Question: how do i help a friend with a drug problem?

a friend, who i have known for 10 years, started to smoke cocaine again and it has gradually become worse.

to make things worse he has a friend living with him that lends him money to by the stuff and another female friend in her 60’s kending him money to buy cocaine.

he stillmanages to pay his bills and buy food etc, but he knows i will never lend or give him money for anything because of his addiction.

his mother vistis him once a week and gives him money for tobacco which he uses t buy more cocaine.

he just spends all his spare cash on the stuff and his life revolves around it. he knows exactly what i think, and i even leave when he starts to use it. but nothing makes any difference and his other so called friends don’t listen to me either?

any suggestions would be appreciated.

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