Resolved Question: How do I handle my crazy ex boyfriend who drives cross country to visit and tries to outdo my fiancee?

My ex, formerly known as “Evil McShneebles” has made a new appearance in my life. Thats right. After finding out, through facebook or some such, he discovered I was getting married. Talked to my parents. Discovered I lived in [City “X” 600 miles away from his home]. He wrote me long, ridiculous emails to which I responded curtly. He texted me numerous times, which I ignored. Then, I get a call on Xmas day. I def won’t answer it—its him. I get a text saying he is in City X to deliver gifts. I try and get my fiancee to step up, but he doesn’t. “The more, the merrier,” he says.

Than Evil McShneebles shows up bearing a trunk full of gifts for me, inside jokes from four years ago. I hate him. He stole so much from me, ruined many years of my life with his cocaine and alcohol addiction, and now I can’t shake him. Of course, the next day, my fiancee hops on a plane and ex is over, just as my car breaks down—and I’m getting ready for a cross-country trip to the 600 mile away home. Now he knows I am going back to our home city (600 miles away) and wants to caravan.

He wants me to be greatful that he can take me to all these places for car parts, help out, etc, and confesses that he hasn’t had sex in 4 years, not since we were last together (keep in mind, he is a late-twenties actor and model—not some fatass—-creepy, right? And all his newer exgirlfriends hated him for this—he chose to remain celibate) WTF??? So, of course, I say—“ha ha. Well, it must have been a vacation for you. From what I remember, you always preferred porn in our relationship. None of that nasty ‘real-life’ for ya”—-SEE?? I am NOT nice. Not encouraging. He even went through my trash only to discover one of his gifts, and I didn’t deny that I threw it out.

Help!! My fiancee just tells me to deal with it, or fly out and see him in his families city. Now I have to cancel plans to go home cuz I need to avoid Evil McShneebles! I can’t get rid of him. He is so manipulative, and now my fiancee thinks he is charming.

How do I handle this? How can I get my fiancee to step in? I know it is the ONLY thing which will help–Evil Mcshneebles never listens to me and apparently thinks that four years of ignoring him was equal to us having a “whirlpool relationship” and that “we are very special to eachother.”

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