Resolved Question: How do I get a 22 year old help for abusing drugs?

my little brother was addicted to crack cocaine from the age of 16 till about 19. My dad spent THOUSANDS of dollars trying to help him. First was bailing him out of jail, getting a lawyer, rehab, and not to mention….We ALL lost a lot of valuables in the home including my parents wedding bands (my mom works in a meat department and cant wear them) and dad has never been a “ring” kind of guy. (That is why they were not wearing them) along with dvds, checks, cash, even my dads gun collection!

Now he is 22 and the addiction has grabbed him by the legs again. He recently stole 500 dollars and some change. I know it was him.

I dont know what to do or how to help him. He is an adult now, yet still a good kid at heart. I hate how this is tearing everyone in my family apart. He needs to fix this on his own, and I get that, but seeing a loved one this messed up tears me apart! …….any suggestions?

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