Resolved Question: How did you kill your addictions?

I was addicted to Heroin and Cocaine from the ages of 16 to 18. I have completely gone off Heroin having OD three times from the sh*t, once my heart stopped beating for a good two minutes.

I have given up on cocaine althought I do it occasionally but not to the extent of how I used to… I usually do only one small line at a party for a pick me up… I used to do a ridiculous amount of it morning, noon and night.

I went cold turkey style on Heroin after I relised my Mother developed cancer.

So tell me how did you beat your addictions?
Ye I write songs and play various instruments when I feel like either cocaine or Heroin… but I wouldn’t say I am addicted to Cocaine anymore… it’s more just a party thing every now and then… it’s still bad no doubt.

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