Resolved Question: How can i fix this problem?

This is a very embarrassing issue. I am 21 and 38 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child, everything has been going well until recently my fiancee comes home with crack cocaine. This was an issue for me considering i was hooked on drugs a few years ago and lost almost everything, i stayed clean for a year but unfortunately when someone brings that stuff around you again, it is almost impossible to resist doing it. So i did, and he kept getting more, and ive been doing it for about 2 weeks now, remember i am 9 mos pregnant, keep in mind i still eat, sleep, shower, and take care of myself which is usually something that crack abusers do not do. i still take my prenatal vitamins religiously. i know i sound like a horrible person right now but unless youve had an addiction to drugs you would not understand. i never wanted to start doing this again. and i am so angry at him for bringing it around me again especially being pregnant. but anyways my question is, it is a week before my c-section, and i am worried that the baby could have problems? i heard they can have withdrawal symptoms? if i am clean for a week can she get better (if indeed there is something wrong), she is still an active normal baby nothing has changed there. but what about if they drug test me, will my system be clean by the 16th?

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