Resolved Question: Hey R&P, what do you think of my Layne Stalry essay?

Layne Staley was the lead singer (and often considered one of the best singers in Rock music) for the popular 90’s Grunge band Alice In Chains and Grunge super group Mad Season . He did a large amount of drugs like heroin. Staley was also very depressed and wrote most of his songs about depression and heroin. During the later years of Layne’s life he was slowly killing himself with drugs and did not talk to friends or family for weeks or even months. Layne Staley eventually died from an overdose of speedball (a mixture of heroin and cocaine) on April 5th 2002 (the same day as Kurt Cobain eight years earlier in 1994). It is not known if he killed himself or had an accidental overdose.

A) Layne Staley did not value his physical being, because he did drugs, (possibly) killed himself and didn’t take very good care of his physical appearance. Firstly, Staley had a severe drug addiction which consisted of crack and heroin. Second of all, Layne possibly killed himself by overdosing on speedball. Thirdly, Staley took such bad care of his physical appearance he was losing teeth and weighed 80 pounds when he died. Layne did not respect his body because of his drug addiction, possible suicide and lack of care for his own physical appearance.

B) The media played a role in the situation because they would make fun of Layne’s addiction, Alice In Chains’ record label was putting pressure on him and friends of Staley would talk about him being anti-social and looking horrible in interviews in the later years of his life. First of all, magazines like The Rocket would make fun of Layne’s addiction with comments like “who’s to wipe and clean Alice in Chains now?” (a possible jab at Layne’s addiction). Secondly, Alice In Chains’ record label Columbia was putting pressure on them to put out another record because of the success of their second album Dirt which caused Layne o have even more stress. Lastly, his friends like Mark Lanegan (from the popular 90’s Grunge band Screaming Trees) would exploit Staley’s anti-social attitude and his worsening physical appearance in his last years of life. Society played a role by making fun of Staley’s drug addiction, Columbia putting pressure on AIC to make another album (causing Layne more stress) and having his anti-social life style exploited.

C) If I was Layne Staley I wouldn’t become addicting to drugs, push my friends away in my time of need and wouldn’t let my body get in such bad condition. Firstly, I wouldn’t experiment with drugs like speedball as it already killed a popular musician (Hillel Slovak the original guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers). Second of all, I would not push my friends away when I’m very depressed and slowly killing myself with drugs. Finally, I wouldn’t let my body get in such bad condition that my teeth are falling out and I’m as pale as a ghost. If I was Layne Staley I wouldn’t make drugs a part of my life, I would not try to push my friends out of my life when I need them the most and I wouldn’t let my body go to waste.

D) If I were talk to Layne today I would tell him that he should be respecting his body, he should love him self instead of accepting his sadness and he is still useful even though his body is in bad condition. First of all, I would tell him that he should using heroin and crack because it is horrible for his body. Secondly, I would tell him that he

should love him self and get help with his depression so he can learn to love him self. Thirdly, I would tell him that he is still useful even though he has missing teeth, is pale as a ghost and is very very skinny.

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