Resolved Question: Heroin users only: My friend wants to try and I’m a bit scared?

I’m not against any drugs as long as you’re smart and willing enough not to get addicted or caught. I never went further than pot for financial and “fear of getting hooked” reasons.
She has done pot and cocaine and called me to ask if she should try heroin. I said no, because it’s dangerous, for the physical addiction you get from the first shot, plus the risk of overdose. I suggested rather snorting and gave her all the side effects.
She’s a great girl, but I’m afraid she’d cross the line with this. I noticed she sometimes is weird. Probably from the cocaine. But other times she acts normal.
She is strong willed, but tends to be obsessive and orderly. She also is anxious and depressed, because she misses a limb, she lost in an accident when she was 3.
Will her anxiety and depression be really bad when her high wears off?
Also, will it be dangerous for her if she used cocaine for the past 2 days?
I try to find some info about how hard you actually get hooked up, but I can’t find a conclusive answer.

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