Resolved Question: Help me with my moral dilemma?

I am in trouble. Last weekend a drug dealer sold my friend some overpriced cocaine. I am helping her get over her drug addiction, so I tried to return the drugs. I wanted the money back. The guy was standing outside of the bar smoking. It was dead that night, no one was on the street and the party inside was hopping. I asked him for the money back. In return he said “B*tch, this isn’t walmart!” So I went to my car and took my tire iron cross thingie out and beat the living crap out of him. I wanted to mug him but I didn’t. I calmly went into the car, threw the tire iron into the car and drove away with Mary (my friend) and some overpriced cocaine.

Should I feel bad for doing this to the bad guy?
I think back on it and wish I still got her money back so she could feed her baby and her two year old. Now she won’t get her other kid back, this sucks.


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