Resolved Question: HELP! HEALTH ONLINE!?

Choose the best answer for each question.

1. Which of the following helps to boost the function of the immune system by encouraging the formation of antibodies for protection?

2. Caffeine is naturally found in which of the following substances?
soda pop
fruit juices

3. Caffeine addiction is caused by continuous ingestion of at least which of the following amounts?
20 milligrams per day
100 milligrams per day
200 milligrams per day
1,000 milligrams per day

4. What would be a good use of an analgesic?
reduce pain
replace the body’s needed thyroid chemicals
destroy bacterial infections in the throat
promote sleep

5. Which of the following may be a desirable effect of caffeine?
mental arousal
reduced stress and anxiety
increased fatigue
better digestive organ function

6. Which of the following should you NOT consult to find out the best and current information on drugs?
government websites
the local pharmacist who fills your prescriptions
the physician who is treating your symptoms and disease processes.
the good friend who believes only in alternative medicine.

7. Which fairly tasteless and odorless drug causes sleepiness, sedation, and the inability to remember events that occurred when one was under the influence of the drug?

8. Which of the following is not an effect of fetal alcohol syndrome?
heart defects
low birth weight and length
larger head size
mental retardation

9. Which of the following statements about FAS is not correct?
FAS is not preventable.
FAS is caused by mothers who drink alcohol while being pregnant.
Babies born with FAS often suffer heart defects or delayed growth.
Babies born with FAS often suffer from mental retardation and malformed faces.

10. Which of the following most commonly used drugs is involved in half of all car crashes?

11. How is alcohol classified?
a depressant
a stimulant
an opiate
a narcotic

12. Which of the following is an example of proper drug or medication use?
taking more medication than prescribed
taking over-the-counter drugs for a cold
taking drugs at the wrong time of day
stopping a prescribed medication too soon

13. Which childhood disorder is most closely linked to environmental tobacco smoke?
heart attacks
lung cancer

14. Which of the following is a result of smoking during pregnancy?
high infant birth weight
enlarged head size
decreased risk of infection
increased risk of miscarriage

15. What is the correct term that describes the use of inhalants as a drug in which the person’s body slows down and causes the person to lose control of their behavior and emotions?

16. Which of the following terms describes what happens when a drug decreases the effect of another drug?
antagonistic reaction
synergistic reaction
intravenous reaction
hallucinogenic reaction

17. Which of the following is a common sign of drug abuse?
gettting good grades in school
developing friendships that encourage healthy behavior
good decision-making skills
unexplained changes in behavior

18. What is the name for stimulants that are made from everyday products and can keep a person awake for long periods of time, resulting in a lack of interest in usual activities, as well as a loss of appetite and a change in personality?

19. Which of the following is NOT a good strategy for preventing drug use and abuse?
Form clear goals of what you would like to accomplish in the future.
Take time to study the side effects of drugs on the body.
Hang out with friends who are known to use drugs.
Learn refusal skills and the ability to say no when feeling pressured.

20. You are driving and notice the person ahead of you is weaving and swerving and straddling the lane marker. Such behavior indicates that the driver may be under the influence of which of the following drugs?

21. Which of the following describes organic compounds that can help the body to function better to make energy, produce blood ce

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