Resolved Question: Health, Fitness, and Nutrition . I did MY work I just need help to see if I did it right thank you !=D?

1. Nutrition is the process of the body using the foods that we eat in order to sustain life. (1 point)
True<--------- False 2. A high intake of fats has become a problem because of its direct relationship to heart disease and cancer. (1 point) True<--------- False 3. Risk factors: (1 point) refer to being in good shape or physical condition the processes and functions of the body social needs, social behaviors, and social problems traits that increase the possibility of developing an illness or disease<----- 4. Flexibility (1 point) the ability of a tendon to move through its full range of motion the ability of a joint to move through its full range of motion<---------- the ability of a muscle to move through its full range of motion the ability of a ligament to move through its full range of motion 5. A condition in which the pancreas does not produce and/or utilize enough insulin to meet the body’s needs: (1 point) type 1 Diabetes type 2 Diabetes<-------- pancreatitis none of the above 6. Health-related factors refer to: (1 point) cardiovascular efficiency muscular strength and endurance flexibility and body composition all of the above<----------- 7. Balance is: (1 point) the ability to maintain control of your body while stationary or moving<-------- the ability to combine strength and speed in activities such as throwing and jumping our ability to use the senses to produce accurate movements the ability to change direction of your body quickly 8. __________ is a type of connective tissue found between the bones which allows for the smooth movement of joints. (1 point) Cartilage<---------- Synovium A tendon A ligament 9. The _____joints allow for turning and rotation. (1 point) pivot hinge ball and socket<---------- gliding 10. Obesity refers to a condition of being ____ % or more overweight than an ideal body weight. (1 point) 20 30<--------- 40 50 11. Stretches that do not involve motionand are held for a brief period of time are called: (1 point) isometric stretches static stretches<---------- isotonic PNF stretches 12. The pulmonary valve and the aortic valve ____ as the ventricles begin to contract. (1 point) close open<----------- contract relax 13. _________ gradually become smaller and smaller and divide into capillaries. (1 point) Veins Arteries<--------- Capillaries Alveoli 14. ________________refers to the pressure in the arteries when the heart is at rest, between beats. (1 point) Blood Pressure Systolic pressure Diastolic pressure<----------- Intra-cranial pressure 15. What is a muscle fiber? (1 point) the functional unit of a cell<---------- the neuron that conducts impulses for a muscle contraction the single cell of a muscle that is responsible for protein production none of the above 16. The organ that produces hormones such as insulin in order to break down and use food is: (1 point) the kidneys the pancreas<------------ the intestines the colon 17. According to the lesson content, the average adult body is about ____% water. (1 point) 30 45 55<---------- 60 18. __________ occurs when the body loses an excessive amount of water. It is can be caused by a number of things including excessive sweating without fluid replacement, drugs, alcohol, caffeine, and improper diet. (1 point) Hyperthermia Hyponatremia Dehydration<----------- Hypotension 19. _________is an abnormal loss of normal bone density that causes bones to become porous, fragile, and brittle. (1 point) Osteoarthritis Osteoporosis<----------- Ketosis None of the above 20. _________ is a condition which occurs when waste products (called ketones) build up in the blood and results in the body utilizing fat as its main source of energy. (1 point) Osteoarthritis Osteoporosis Ketosis<------------ None of the above 21. ___________are a complex set of characteristics that make a person unique, and are influenced by heredity, environment, and behavior. (1 point) Relationships Imbalances Personalities<---------- Emotions 22. Feeling “safe” with family members is an important element of __________ and is vital to the way we conduct ourselves in life situations and choosing other healthy relationships with friends and life-partners. (1 point) self-awareness self-esteem<----------- personality self-control 23. Often teens who experiment with drugs grow into adults who are afflicted with drug addictions. (1 point) True<---------- False 24. Some of the warning signs of teen drug abuse are changes in dress style, discipline problems, and new friends who are disinterested in school or family related activities. (1 point) True<---------- False 25. For many users, nicotine is as addictive as heroin or cocaine. (1 point) True<------------- False

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