Resolved Question: He turned himself in for me?

My boyfriend was addicted to drugs,coke & meth mostly coke I am
told,& he had the addiction to drugs most of his life.He’s in his early
40’s now & started when he was a young kid around 12 years old.
He went to prison 3 years for selling drugs & he abused drugs.His
brother got me in touch with him again so I began to write to him &
I waited for him until he got out of prison.I have known this man
since we were kids in early our teens but I never knew he was
a serious addict until recently.We had a good relationship but
he slowly began to slip & eventually started using drugs again.
He tested positive for drugs a few times & was sent to a 3
week rehab.In a few weeks,he was back on drugs again.
He tested positive for Cocaine & Meth and was told he needed
to turn himself in to the local police,but instead he decided to
run for 7 weeks.During the time when he told me he had to
turn himself in,he lied to me & said he broke parole because
he went out of town to see his family for christmas.He knew
I hated drugs & would leave him.While he was running he
thought he could get me to run with him,instead I told him
I couldn’t do that & that he needed to do the right thing &
get it over with & turn himself in.When he saw that I meant
what I said,he agreed he would turn himself in & wanted me
to go with him,so I did.Does this mean he will stop using
drugs? He seems serious,& he calls & writes me often.
He can’t call as often,but he writes to me.I love him very
much but like I told him,the trust was broken deeply,&
I won’t watch him destroy himself & hurt me too!!!
He says he needs a change & hated his life.He says I
was his only source of true happiness.He turned himself
in when he realized I wouldn’t be with him anymore.
What do you all think about this? Is he serious & will
he stay off of drugs? I want to believe him so much but
I am afraid to trust what he says right now though he
sounds very certain he’s done with drugs. What do
you think?
also,he only got 5 months & he gets
out in august 2009.
I do really love him & he is a great
man aside from the addiction to
drugs.I am just wondering if he will
truly leave the drugs behind for
a future with me?
He turned himself in for me & for
a future with me he says,& I was
with him when he did it.It was very
heartbreaking,but I was proud of
him for it,though I had to cry.
Do you think he will stay clean

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