Resolved Question: Have you experienced the Heart Ache of Drug Addiction?

If so, can you help. LONG story short- my 23 year old brother has been a drug addict probably since he was 17 or so. Everything from pain pill to crack cocaine. He has been as low as living in a junkie crack house but for no more than 3 days or so before my parents go rescue and physically make him leave & go with them, even though he is begging tears to be left there for more drugs. Currently, he isn’t on crack or he would have disappeared by now. But he is taking up to 50 pain pills a day….. and it gets better he has a baby who will be here in a matter of weeks. Some dad he’ll make huh? Anyway!! My question is DO YOU CONTINUE TO TRY AND HELP HIM over and over and over again. He has been in about 6 rehabs. Or LEAVE HM BE and WHEN he is READY, HE will seek help?!?!? His actions sure prove he is NOT ready to quit, but I didn’t know if that was just because he is “mentally ill and dependent on the drug” as many claim, which I really don’t buy. THOUGHTS?

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