Resolved Question: Have you ever done cocaine?

OK, I’m not going to do it I just want to make that clear, I am writing a paper on addicting drugs and why they are so addicting, I want to know from people who have done Cocaine, how often did you do it, or still do it, do you consider yourself to have and addictive personallity and did you or do you consider yourself to be addicted to it. What makes it so addictive to you, or is it. Just please tell me your story on your addiction or even if you have done it once tell me how you felt about it, did you want to do it again but found it too addicting or could you control it.

Thank You for your help.
Paulao, crongratulations on being clean and good luck to Mike on trying to get and stay clean.

I just wanted to say to Paulao that, I will not try it but i understand where you are comming from, My paper is not going to be my opinion on something, It is more on the opinion and addiction of others, My brother is a Oxy and Morphine addict and I will be including how his addiction has affected me, stealing from me ect… And I also have sevral family members that are alcoholics and I have seen it in myself at one point, so I can use that as well. I have no expeirence with Cocaine and want to include it.

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