Resolved Question: Getting involved with a drug addict…advice please?

I have been chatting to his guy for few months now. He was interested in me and he kinda told me about his drug addictions, amongst gambling etc…we used to text each other, he asked me on a date and i said no it will be as friends. Yes i was stupid, we went to the movies etc and the “date” was wierd. Nyways he opens up to me a lot and i see how deep his addiction is “(to cocaine, alcohol and gambling) so I decided to just be his friend and nothing more. We would chat for hours texting everyday and things and he asked me to be his gf i said no. And i was honest to why etc…i would like to know him better but i know i can’t get involved, his nice but the drugs messed his mind up and i know it’s wrong. But now i’m scared to bump into him on campus and it was his b’day so i texted him, is that okay? I been chatting to him and he tells me he wants to get help etc and i always encourage but i know i can’t ‘save’ him…i don’t mind the texting and things but i really know how messed up he is cos he get into money problems and asked me for money i said i don’t have. I thought that was wrong but i can’t cut him off cos he might feel rejected and get deeper into these things but at the same time i am a little scared. I didn’t show my anger, i was nuetral cos i know you can never tell if he’s a bad guy or not cos he isn’t thinking right but i just don’t know now…i’m scared to see him even. We chat less now a days and his moods alternate…he told my friend his willing to try still…i can’t but now miy minds in a mess!!!
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Additional Details
i won’t go out with him cos it will be bad for me and him and i told him that but i don’t know why this whole thing is just bothering me now. Nd sometimes he wants to change and then he doesn’t. I can force him to do nything but i try to support him to do right. I accept that he has to be ready to change to change

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