Resolved Question: Freaking out, selfish mom, and hard situation. PLease read?

So I am getting married August 25, next month. Here is my problem. My dad and I used to be very close, they are divorced, but when I turned 12 he began an addiction to cocaine, and I am not sure what else. But since than, he was no longer there for me any more, he was not really a father figure. My mom re-married when I was 5 and I have this awesome step dad. He was like a father to me all these years. My dad is still an addict, and I am not expecting him to quit any time soon if any time at all, but he has come around now for the past two years, and we talk and hang out more. He is helping to pay for the wedding. Now, I have always had a hard time choosing who would be walking me down the aisle, and it stressed me out, I thought about having my step dad walk me half way, and my dad the rest, but figured it would be a huge hassle that way, so I just thought I would have my dad walk me down. I was dreading having to tell them because I knew they would be upset. So today, I showed my mom our invites. They read
“We are pleased to announce the married of Shelby Nicole, daughter of Steve &^*&^, Connie and Keith @&(#*&$*&$”
We did not even think about the order of the names, but after she read them she snudged and was like why is your dads name first? Before my dad began his addiction, all of my family was still close, my step dad and real dad even hung out. I told her I would change it to avoid any drama, than she acted annoyed and told me just to not worry about it. Than she asked who was walking down the aisle, and I told her my dad, this threw her completely off and she was very upset. She asked me why? He is not like a dad any more to you. She is mad and dissapointed in me. My feelings are hurt and I am torn now because I don’t know what to do. My mom is helping to pay a large portion in the wedding, and we are even doing it in her back yard, so I dont have a clue what to do. I would love to have both of them do it, but I dont even know if that would make her happy enough. I feel horrible, and not sure what to do. I want to respect her decision, but at the same time, I am going to die letting either one of my dads down. My dad and I were so close, like best friends, and my step dad is so supportive and great. I just am lost. Any advice is appreciated.
So I suggested having both of them walk me down, and she says, I have a suggestion, have your dad pay for the whole wedding, because I am not paying to glorify your dad walking you down the aisle, if Keith is not walking you down, I will not pay. I dont know guys, I am crushed.
Daisy M, can I just say how ignorant your answer sounded. My dad made a mistake, a tough and expensive one to pull out of, but you, would not understand. SO next time think about what you have to say, a junkie? I would never in my life refer to any one with an addiction, or disease in that case, a junkie. I will pray for you, because you need it.

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