Resolved Question: Father Student Parent Child Maintenance?

I have made a BIG mistake. My girlfriend of 6 months could possible be pregnant. We did break up a few weeks ago.

The condom came of during intercourse and she was not taking her contraceptive pill properly so my girlfriend, late for her period, now believes she is pregnant and tells me she has done a pregnancy test to confirm although I haven’t seen it.

There’s a few things.

She may be lying as she is older than me (I am 19 and at university and she is 25 and a horse trainer) she is conceited and has already had an abortion and a miscarriage so I think she could be trying to keep me in a relationship (it is rather an unhappy one as she argues with me and is selfish and spiteful so I ended it as I had enough).

Irrespective of her potential lying.

If she is pregnant and she keeps the child:

1 – when she goes to the registrar’s office would I have to be present to have my name put on the birth certificate?

2 – as a student my only income is a student loan and an allowance from my parents; would I have to pay child maintenance as I’m over 18 so it wouldn’t be my parents who’d have to pay it?

I am worried and don’t know what to do as she says she is keeping it, but that would ruin my life at this point all because of her inability to take her pill regularly which would surely be adequate protection for a broken condom. She is also not quite right in the head as she used to have a cocaine addiction, an eating disorder, has attempted suicide and suffered depression. She was only off anti-depressants and not going to the priory a month or so before we started dating.

She isn’t sound enough in mind to support a child, she also only earns £70 a week and lives with her parents. It would be the worst thing for a child and I think the best thing to happen, in all honesty, would my ex girlfriend get sectioned.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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