Resolved Question: ex having a baby with new gf..?

My ex has been troubled since the age of 11, he cant hold down jobs he dropped out of school in gr.7 did time in jail and continued to deal crack. We met back up years later when he moved back to the city he grew up in after a bad breakup and owing alot of bad ppl money. He also has a cocaine and alcohol addiction. Because he thinks the world is owed to him he refuses to work and sucks his wealthy parents money out of them when he can. (I paid for 99% of anything we did or had in the relationship) Our relationship was a long rollercoaster ride thats for sure.

This summer we had plans to hang out and as usual at times id call him he’d freak out on me. He told me he had a gf ect. 6 months later I hear from him again and things with the other girl didnt work out, they lived together for a week and he kicked her out, he told me they didnt get along. She too is a huge partier. He tells me she is PREGNANT with his baby. We talk for a week then he goes nuts on me and tells me he’s with her again and that we cant talk.

I am finally seeing what is best for me and know what I want in my life however I cant help but have these jejlouse feelings of their “excitment” of having that baby and being parents.
My mind tells me it’s absolutly CRAZY the thought of those two bringing an innocent child in the world when they can’t even support nor take care of themselves..

my question is has anyone else had someone they love leave them for someone else and have a baby immediatly, how do you cope with that feeling..? Does the excitment of having a baby keep a relationship alive and when it is brorn bring two people together stronger?

Thanks for all the advise, I appreciate it.

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