Resolved Question: ex going crazy,,damaging stuff,how do i get him to leave?

hi,,i split with partner of 10 yrs but we still live in same house due to number of factors including financial and stuff,we have a 8 year old daughter.he has issues with alcohol and cocaine,lately he has becoming very irratic and last night he came in from bar(drunk and high!!)and started being VERY aggressive,co she had argued with someone in bar,he kicked and punched walls,broke a cupboard in my kitchen and was really in my face,he woke our daughter up too(he wasnt threatening to me,but was wild eyed and shouting about the guy he had argued with and cussing etc,and it just so happens i work in the bar where he was arguing),i got upset and told him to get out as i felt intimidated by his actions,he left and came back later but i had sleepless night!once he had sobered up i told him i want him to leave and he started swearing at me,he is now sleeping off the coke and booze,our house is in joint names so he refuses to go,,i have not involved police(yet!)but the more coke an dalcohol he is taking the more aggressive he is becoming,theres no hope of reconciliation(i cant deal with him any more,,his addictions have killed any love i had for him)i would appreciate any sensible suggestions please,,i am quite a tough character and usually am ok,but i am getting scared,as a last thing,,im teetotal and certainly DO NOT do drugs!
he doesnt do drugs or drink in house!he goes out and gets high/drunk,,i have tried to help him with his issues for years!!he works and so do i,according to my colleague at work,,he was like a crazy guy last night,i wish to move back to the city away from him and take my daughter obv
he claims its all my fault (his addiction issues)crazy as i dont do drugs or alcohol!every w/end when hes out he gets into an argument,i am gonna file for restraining order

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