Resolved Question: Drugs & Addiction Question?

Okay, first of all, if all you are going to say is “drugs are bad, don’t do them”, just DON’T ANSWER please.

I’ve been doing drugs frequently for a while now, like every weekend. Not pot, but harder drugs like: cocaine, ketamine, mdma, ghb, oxy, etc.. and i have a question for people who are doing the same thing.

Have you noticed any changes in yourself, and how long have you been doing them for. Do you think these changes are having a negative effect on your life. Do you wish you had never done them? I’m just curious about it, because i’ve asked my friends, but i also want opinions of different people.
Do you consider yourself addicted?
could you stop doing all drugs for two months?
Things like that.
oh, shitty that you got arrested.

yeah i am doing lots of uppers at once,
but almost always with downers.
I’ve learned a lot about my limits.

The only thing i’ve noticed that has changed with me is my sleep pattern.

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