Resolved Question: Drug Addiction Disorders?

3. Given the dual components of addiction, it may also be characterized as ___________.
(1 point)
A personality disorder
An anxiety disorder
A somatoform disorder
A behavioral syndrome
4. If a person uses illicit drugs for years, he or she __________ become an addict
(1 point)
Will never
Might never
Will sometimes
Will always
5. A person’s susceptibility to addiction is determined by ____________.
(1 point)
Physical health
6. Physical addiction occurs when a drug alters the _________ in an individual’s brain.
(1 point)
Tissue makeup
Action potential
7. If people experience nervousness and anxiety from taking a particular drug, they will be ___________. (1 point)
Encouraged to continue use of that drug
Discouraged from further use of that drug
Unaffected and their level of drug use will be the same
Damaging the part of the brain the houses motivation
8. Which behavioral principle best fits the situation in question number seven?
(1 point)
Stimulation generation
Positive punishment
Negative reinforcement
9. To which drug category does cocaine belong? (1 point)
Designer drugs
Central nervous system stimulants
10. To which drug category does marijuana belong?
(1 point)
Cannabis compounds
Central nervous system depressants
Designer drugs

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