Resolved Question: Does this mean my drug addict brother wants to get better?

My brother is 38 years old and has been addicted to heroine, cocaine, and alcohol for 21 years. He has had 5 illigitimate children and signed his rights over to all of them (3 diff women), he spent 7 years in prison for making and selling drugs, and he is now back living with my parents spending every measley paycheck he gets on drugs. He has been a mess since his wife left him in March (their baby son was born 8 weeks early March 7th, spent 3 weeks in NICU, and my brother was so drunk he didnt show up to the birth and only saw the baby once in NICU). I didn’t blame her at all btw. Anyways lately my brother has been obsessed with watching The Cleaner and also Intervention. I even saw him get emotional at one point becuase there was a guy on there with the same addiction. Sometimes the show gets to him and he turns it off and retreats to his room depressed. I always thought he had lost his conscience and that he had never really hit rock bottom per se and that he’d never get clean, because he’d never shown anything to suggest he wanted to get clean. But this makes me rethink that. Is it possible he wants to get better?

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