Resolved Question: Do you think any of these players deserve to be in the hall of fame?

penny Hardaway: he’s had consistant all stars and all nba first team awards before his injuries… he’s also one of the best talented players that ever came into the NBA … He had a great deal of popularity..even current nba players called him their favorite…..

Shawn kemp: He was one of the great all star players until the day he left seattle thats when his career started to go sour due to weight gain and a cocaine addiction….. but still how many 6’10 guys do we see that can average a double double in points and rebounds and dominant on defense….. and please do not say lamarcus albridge or amare stoudamire their both talented in a different way

Grant Hill: he’s still playing today but as a role player that the fila/mcdonald/sprite grant hill we knew back then…… he’s still an important piece for the suns …… he was showing great comparison to be the next jordan during his days in detroit …. he barley played for orlando ..well thats where his career started to go down….

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