Resolved Question: Do I Stay With My Boyfriend When I Don’t See A Future Together?

Hi Guys.
I need some help, i have been with my boyfriend for a year and a half. He is an Alcoholic and Addict although he has been clean for 8 months after attending rehab. He has been to rehab before and had lapses although he says this time he won’t ever go back to his addictions. During a relationship he has been awful to me during his 3 lapses with drink and numerous times with cocaine abuse. He has apologised for his wrongs and really tried hard to change but these things still bug me. On top of all this i struggle with sex, he is very demanding over it and something happened during his drinking that has caused me to become distant with the sex. He is forever pushing for oral sex and gets stroppy when i dont want to do it. I work 5 days a week and then come home to him to cook dinner and tidy up. He doesn’t work and hasn’t done for the whole time we’ve been together, this is because he is looking for his DREAM job in media and says if he did anything like factory work it would drive him to drink again. I get so frustrated that he gets everything paid for by us tax payers because he wants his dream job- i do telesales- like thats my dream job! But it pays the bills! He has been to prision and my mum and dad just wont except we are together because they want better for their daughter and says he’s a lazt low life. Its making me stressed and depressed but i just cant seem to hold my head up high and tell him i dont think he’s right for me. Help?

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