Resolved Question: Do I have a chance becoming a police officer after recovering from pain killer and opiate abuse?

I’ve been very interested in becoming a police officer. However, I server 2 years in the army and my contact was cut short due to a back injury. during the time of injury i was put on pain killers. later i was discharged and when i came home i brought home an addiction. I struggled for almost 2 years taking pain killers and during desperate time i used harder opiates. I couldn’t take it anymore and i got help through the VA with their substance abuse program. So far i have been clean for almost a year and i have always wanted to be a police officer. I also have medical records showing that i have tested positive for opiates and and i have tested positive for cocaine once( very stupid). I have been in contact with police officers that say i should still try out b/c they say i am a very well rounded person and hopefully they can see that my past is behind me. I am just too scared to try out and chance it. Tell me what you think. Thank you

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