Resolved Question: dealing with addiction… how do i bring it up that i know, and i want to help?

over the past months it has become apparently clear that my ex, the father of my child, has a problem. for the past couple of months, i’ve been suspicious that it may have been drugs (as he was addicted to them in the past, and i know how he acts) but he managed to lie his way out of it. me being naive, believed him.

i went through his phone, saw MANY text messages to drug dealers saying things i’ve heard addicts say time and time again. almost every day.

anyways i didn’t hide the fact that i was going through his phone. sure he was upset, but i was calm and said “is this really going on?” he just said i can’t believe everything i read. (HAHA AS IF)

anyways, i told him that i’d give him the benefit of a doubt… just to ease his mind. he’s admitted to me that he’s used twice in the past couple of months, and i know he was dating and is hanging around with someone who uses this drug all the time as well as others. in his texts to her he even said that she embarasses him when she abuses drugs like that.

i don’t want to seem controlling of his life, but i do care. and he is in care of our child sometimes so it concerns me. what if he upsets some drug dealer one day and they want revenge and our child happens to be there?

i want to talk to him, but don’t know how to go about it without putting him on defense. i want him to be clean and have a happy life. i want him to get away from bad influences so he can be a positive influence for our daughter. i want to say to him if you don’t want to slip don’t go to slippery places… but he’d take that as me trying to control him or something stupid i’m sure of it…

any ideas?

p.s. the drug is cocaine.
i’ve also learned he does ecstacy and he’s always smoked weed.he’s also drinking A LOT almost every day.

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