Resolved Question: Criminal Law Questions I don’t understand, of find in text..?

Hello all. Fist semester and in the 8th week. Doing pretty well but there are some questions at the end on each chapter to study on to help w/ the exams. Here are out of 8 chapters (Over 160 Questions) I don’t get/understand fully or didn’t find in the text. Any help would be great. This is not for an exam, this is some questions from the study guide on each chapter to help me w/ my study guide. Know many of them, and found a lot out of 160 questions. Thought I would give the good ‘ol yahoo community a shot at a few that knows the law. Thanks for any help. Exam is in 2-week’s. Please don’t get me wrong these are not exam questions, but chapter questions from the back of the book. “Criminal Law”, Ninth Edition, by: Joel Samaha. New to this state and college, and kind of don’t know anyone here yet. Trying to meet friends, but most want to party all the time & partying is cool, but my education is more important. Thank’s all, never tried yahoo much, so hope to get some good honest answers. Thank you all, will vote for best. 1. The process by which lower courts base their opinions and decisions upon previous opinions and decisions of higher appellate courts is:

a. Habeas Corpus
b. Stare Decisis
c. Corpus Delicti
d. Nunc Pro Tunc

Uncounscious Automatism is an:

a. An element of the mens rea of the crime.
b. Prohibited by the 5th amendment
c. An Affirmative Defense
d. Authorized by the 14th Amendment

In Oklahoma, the element necessary to show criminal possession is:

a. Mere Possession
b. Acquiescence to a crime
c. Dominion & Control
d. Intent to distribute

Intent required in addition to the Actus Reus of the crime is:

a. Evil Intent
b. Specific or General Intent
c. Transferred Intent
d. Strict liability

A constitutionally protected “Right to Privacy” is the basis of the decision in the case of:

a. Miranda v. Arizona
b. Mapp v. Ohio
c. Marbury v. Madison
d. Griswold v. Connecticut

Which 70’s-80’s era crime fighting drama featured three women crimefighters who never encounter their boss face to face but speak to him through a speakerphone?

The crime of “Failure to Protect” a child from child abuse is an exampile of a crime of what?

A person who knowingly exerts dominion and control over cocain kept in his automobile is in _______________ possession of that cocaine.

The equal protection clause is found in the ____________ Amendment to th U.S. Constitution.

Criminal acts which don’t require an intent and require only that the Defendant committed the crime are called __________ ______________ crimes.

A criminal statute using terms which would not be clear to a person of reasonable intellect is unconstitutional under ____________ ______ ____________________.

A law enacted after the criminal incident the law prohibits, is unconstitutional under __________ ______ _______________.

Merely prohibited conduct is known as _____________ __________________.

Inherently evil conduct is known as _______________ ________ ____________.

“Stare Decisis” requires judges to follow prior legislative history.

a. True
b. False

Culpability is bsed up on a notion of blameworthiness and punishment.

a. True
b. False

All material elements of a crime msut be proven by probable cause.

a. True
b. False

Strict Liability crimes require no actus reus.

a. True
b. False

Crimes of omission are based up on failure to perform legal duties.

a. True
b. False

In Oklahoma, mere presence at or acquiescence in a crime without participation does not equal a crime.

a. True
b. False

All of the following are legals of culpaility except:

a. Negligently
b. Recklessly
c. Purposely
d. Uncounscious Automatism

In Powell v. Texas the Court held that:

a. The Texas statute agains public drunkeness was constitutional
b. Mr. Powell’s addiction to alcohol was punishable.
c. Mr. Powell should not drink before testifying in Court.
d. Mr. Powell should not be allowed a trial de Novo.

In State v. Loge, the defendant’s conviction was affirmed because:

a. The Court held that knowledge of the open container was not required.
b. The state had proven Mr. Loge’s mental state at the time of the crime.
c. Mr. Loge was reckless.
d. Minnesota is a good Samaritan State.

According to the Supreme Court, cruel and unusual punishment is a punishment in which:

a. The punishment is instantaneous.
b. The punishment is jail time.
c. The punishment is excessively mutilating to the body.
d. The punishment is community service.

The uncounscious creation of risk by one person upon others is:

a. Carelessness

I’m not by any means asking for anyone to do me how work. Just saying out of 160 Questions, here are a few I don’t understand & if you would like to help and know the Law great if not no need to be rude. This is not a test question. I would be in class timed, it is a disscussion questions I don’t undrstand.
I don’t think you are understanding, I do my homework, very hard I must say. I don’t want to be a lawyer (LOL), it is a required class to take. I’m in my first year. I will pull an A on the exam, just want to know about these questions, (lol), why even respond to a question is it is going to be rude>>?? (thank you for the people that do read the whole article I wrote)..some people…lol…….too funny
it’s not so much i don’t understand them ma’am it’s more that I want to get an A in this class, which I’m 110% about all the others. I will tell you what I think. my answers are as follows, just want to make sure they are correct, hopefully this will prove to some of the people out there i don know, and have studied hard. d,b,c,a,c,d,b,b,a,c,b,d,a,b,c,d,d,c,t,f,f,t,t,t,t ..running out of room to aswe
the first person that comm. on this said, “We’re not here to do your homework; and if we were, odds are we would fail.” I don’t think so, or I wouldn’t have asked you guys. There are very, very smart people out there.
wow, the last two from both of you were awesome!!! now it’s oing to be hard to choose best 1 (LOL) that way very well put by both of you, and I guess I can now see how somw might think that I wish to cheat and just ask for the answers due to the long question. I’m very worried now though !! I have put 8-weeks, really in this dorm room bymyself, because the other guy “Evgeniy” , my roommate don’t speak english very much and hangs out with his Russian friends. I have tried to meet people, and set up study groups w/ a few from class, and I was waiting in the lib. for over 2-hrs. for the 4 to show, and guess what..I felt like a complete idiot. No one came, after they promised they would be there. I asked why in a very nice way and all had excuses, or hungover. I have went to my instructor and he was like, “okay I have 60 + students, plus some type of online class, just take notes and read the chapters”. Yah.. my money went towards that advise for a instructor. Start over 8-weeks down drain
Thank you writing in so details the both of you two.. just feel like that the other answers were totaly wrong that I posted, and worried other answers may be wrong for the exam. Nice to hear from two people whom seem to care. Thank you..mayby I can find some bleach to drink>>??Grrrrrrrr….
I must first off with a huge thank you!! Wow I’m very blown away with all the trouble you went through to help me out on these questions that are in the back of the chapter. As stated they are not for the exam its self, but to help me personally. Your answer are very in-depth and with your choices and you even went the extra mile to give reason why the answer would be correct. Point blank… you are a very intelligent person. Even after looking at your answers, went back into the book, and sure enough. I found them, just as you stated. You took a very long time in helping me, and so did the other two that was so nice in informining me of there opinions. WOW!!

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