Resolved Question: Crack cocaine addiction….?

Me and my husband have a close family friend who recently confessed to us that he has a crack addiction. We started to ask questions when he tried over and over to sell his furniture and electronic equipment to us.

He has a very good job that could be compromised if he tried to get professional help. We are surprised that he still has it.

We have been trying to help him, taking care of his finances and having him spend all of his free time with us. But we can only do so much. We thought that we could help him…but I think that he is able to get it without his wallet. He has family that now know, but they live hours away. They have been keeping in touch with us and him.

We suspect that he has relapsed again after 2 weeks of possibly being clean.

Should we urge/force him to get professional help? We are ill equipped to help him I believe. Do any of you know the steps involved? Any advice about what to say?

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