Resolved Question: Cocaine – As bad as they say? Please do not answer unless you have an educated answer?

Cocaine – As bad as they say? Please do not answer unless you have an educated answer?
I know y’all have probably gotten this kind of post a dime a dozen but I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for in the search engine. AFOAF tried a line or two of coke about 4 weeks ago. He said he liked it and would do it again, but only in serious moderation. About 2 weeks later, he went on a road trip to visit some friends at another university. Well – he did a few lines again. This FOAF has asked all of his friends whether it is really bad and harmful if used at a very small rate and no one could give an adequate educated answer. He said he would probably do it again in the next few weeks if given the chance. My FOAF is perfectly healthy and does not have an addictive personality. He comes from a really good family with a lot of money (so money is not an issue, lucky him). His mood has not altered, and he has not gone out of his way to get the drug, since I know people that have grown up with the guy, I can honestly say that he has great self control. Just honestly a fraternity guy getting caught up in the college experience. If kept at a dosage of a few lines every few weeks, or a month – is blow very dangerous? If so, what is realistically going to be a consequence of my FOAF doing coke every few weeks recreationally?

(When I say consequence I don’t mean jail-time, I am talking about serious injury or death. Also, when I say a few lines I mean he split a gram with 2 other people over a weekend. He said a few lines every once in a while was 2 or 3… not tank lines either. Also, he has smoked cigarettes many times and used other tobacco products and never has had any addiction. He also smokes a lot of pot, but who doesn’t these days right? I just am asking, if coke is used at a small dose periodically, is it honestly a huge hazard to ones life?)

Thanks in advance for all the responses!

In a nutshell – I am asking – is moderate low dose cocaine use dangerous to ones health? When i say low dose cocaine use i don’t mean they could get addicted, just as it says – low dose in moderation – is it really that hazardous?
really? please no advertisements – this is a serious matter
have done the research. Wiki does not help- can anyone tell me specifically if it is detrimental to ones health if kept under control?

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