Resolved Question: cocaine… addiction.?

Ive been using cocaine daily for the past 6 months.
at one point i stopped and had withdrawls for a week.

i cried at the littest thing, and flipped out in anger at stupid shit.
then i went back to it after a week of being fine.

im going to stop now. (im stopping for my amazing boyfriend. i cant lose him) and i do crave it. but i doesnt get to me. my friend just did it right next to me and i didnt need it.
ill be fine. plus im too broke anyway, and im too goodhearted to steal.

i just need to know if these past 6 months are going to have affected the rest of my life?
the whole time i was using, it didnt change my schoolwork or anything. didnt lose any friends… never had any health problems.
i guess the bad thing is that i DO NOT see what the problem is….
and i dont want to have a heart attack for myself to realize.

whats so bad about it??? because im totally fine…

and how do u know when ur ODing???

and people who want to post “answers” bitching at me for doing it, please just save it. i dont care what you think, and you dont even know me so please help me out or dont leave BS on here. im totally aware of what ive gotten myself into.

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