Resolved Question: Can you help me with my questions please?

1. Which of the following helps to boost the function of the immune system by encouraging the formation of antibodies for protection?


2. Caffeine is naturally found in which of the following substances?

soda pop
fruit juices

3. Caffeine addiction is caused by continuous ingestion of at least which of the following amounts?

20 milligrams per day
100 milligrams per day
200 milligrams per day
1,000 milligrams per day

4. What would be a good use of an analgesic?

reduce pain
replace the body’s needed thyroid chemicals
destroy bacterial infections in the throat
promote sleep

5. Which of the following may be a desirable effect of caffeine?

mental arousal
reduced stress and anxiety
increased fatigue
better digestive organ function

6. Which of the following should you NOT consult to find out the best and current information on drugs?

government websites
the local pharmacist who fills your prescriptions
the physician who is treating your symptoms and disease processes.
the good friend who believes only in alternative medicine.

7. Which fairly tasteless and odorless drug causes sleepiness, sedation, and the inability to remember events that occurred when one was under the influence of the drug?


8. Which of the following is not an effect of fetal alcohol syndrome?

heart defects
low birth weight and length
larger head size
mental retardation

9. Which of the following statements about FAS is not correct?

FAS is not preventable.
FAS is caused by mothers who drink alcohol while being pregnant.
Babies born with FAS often suffer heart defects or delayed growth.
Babies born with FAS often suffer from mental retardation and malformed faces.

10. Which of the following most commonly used drugs is involved in half of all car crashes?


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