Resolved Question: Can you give me, with transcripts directly from Rush,?

to site and factuate your sources,

ONE instace where hes lied or you can prove him wrong? Since so many lefties LOVE to hate him and in fact are more infatuated with him then most republicans?

I could care less about his OC addiction, which has LONG since been over, or any other way you perceive him personally, or we can discuss Obamas Cocaine addiction in kind.

Try to stay on topic of the question please and again site your facts and sources. In otherwords, CYA. And sorry, Media matters is BS Soros.
In other words, try to do your own homework.
exaggeration is not Lies, its his view. but good answer, almost what im looking for, please if you have any links that would help out

i just said media matters is BS, i know ALL about media matters. Sorry no dice, what else?
Citing Mediamatters run by Geroge soros carrys about as much weight as citing, and no the transcripts are all public and word for word.
No, ive actually verified Mediamatters to falsify information myself in the past quite often in fact. Particularly some things they have tried to cite on Beck. I read mediamatters. Im asking for the direct source, and facts, not someones interperpritation. why does that get sneered?
Why doesnt media matters provide the links for their information perhaps as Beck does for everything he posts? And you ask me to take them seriously? Um no.

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