Resolved Question: can someon give me a honest opinion why are society is so backwards?

do you think the people who run this country along with the ceo , as well as doctors promote crime and violence in our country ? what makes it so right to kill billions of people with tobacco products but wron for a drug dealer to sell drugs on the street? im not promoing either one but shouldnt they both be wrong ?or how about how doctors can throw you on antidepresants you become addicted like people addicted to meth ,cocaine or what ever high addiction drug but instead their rewarded with high salaries. you hear it every day how someone has either commited suicide,gain weight from these drugs or had such bad withdrawals that they got back on . you nver hear these people being called murders or thugs like people on the street the only differents is they have power and are killing more people the legal way as well as getting people addicted to end up spend thousands on medical . it just get me upset that how we reward the people who run this country then we can talk about these people on the street all day how bad they are to are society etc. but dont you think this country sets a bad message for people who have no future? if we lived in a ountry where every thing was punished the same their would be less stress on our society . i mean justlook at the ceos who took a vactions and speny akl that money on their families after the bailout . theres just a lot of bacwards things in this country that goes unpunished. whats your opinion on this subject?
doesnt matter what im from i asked a simple question about our society and me telling you what country im from would justify a reason for your answer? i asked a simple question how one thing can go rewarded being paid high salaries and the other is wrong just because a bill wasnt pass so thats the only reason for it being legal? then to make it worse we use religion in god we trust . but we allow porn industrys as well to make billions as well but we offend videos that dont even make close to what these porn companies that have almost every sex scene you can find . i wuld like you to explain instead of excuse because in god we supposely trust right ?

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