Resolved Question: can I be in love with a drug addict?

My girlfriend of 3 months is a recovering coke addict, and I have definitely fallen for her. The only thing that scares me is she always talks about how amazing cocaine is and how she wishes she had some. She says it ruined her college career, but every time she gets depressed she just starts talking about it, like it is some kind of solution to her depressed state. She is now on anti depressants, sleep meds and other medication.
I’m not sure if she has used while we have been together but she is on so many other medications that she is addicted to now, it doesn’t seem like it matters. I feel like she is just feeding her addiction other ways with meds and the occasional shoplifting spree. I love her and want to help her, but it just seems like she glamorizes addiction, like she is acting out her own hollywood tragedy. I don’t know what to do. I feel like I am the only one who can help her, but I am afraid to lose her. Anyways I am not quite sure what t do, I almost feel like she is just feeding off this drama she causes herself. It seems like occasionally she realizes the actual reality and then just gets more depressed. I am very confused and just need clarity

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