Resolved Question: Can a mental problem lead to a physical illness/ condition?

Before I start specifying I want to admit that I do notice how this starts sounding like mambo-jumbo and pseudoscience but I’m still interested to know what others can tell me

I noticed that some kind of a permanent form of shame might be present in me in a subconscious level (don’t even make me start on how I managed to figure it out) which isn’t noticeable on the conscious level yet is influencing my thoughts personality and daily life in a negative way causing discomfort
there were times when I was crying and not even having a single idea what the hell am I crying about
I still haven’t figured out where is this kind of shame emanating from but suspect that it resulted from some particular event or events in my childhood (I’m currently 14 years of age)
and it seems that it might be somehow related to gender identity
I was not sexually abused in my childhood however so this suggestion falls off
nonetheless at that time my father had substance addiction (mostly heroin and cocaine) and it did cause numerous issues in the family which might be related
back to the subject – I was identified with scoliosis
and recently started wondering whether this might be in turn emanating from this specific kind of shame which I mentioned
as if the mind reflecting on the body – the mental state reflecting on the physical one (that’s the part where it’s suppose to start sounding like pseudoscience)
usual conscious shame often reflects with the person lowering the head and having a slack posture
since the usual kind of shame causes these symptoms then can chronic-subconscious-shame/ guilt lead to permanent problems with the spine (e.g. scoliosis)?

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