As a stong anti-obama person, I don’t seem to notice much real evidence or information why Obama should be elected. I would like to know if ANYONE can defend Obama without using a Bush reference, or an ignorant claim such as look at the economy. I want some intelligent people to respond and defend Obama against my top reasons why I oppose him. I think all should read this, but very few should respong unless you actually know what you are talking about.

1. The Global Poverty Act. Obama is pushing to spend an estimated 845 billion dollars to give to other countries governments to decrease poverty. Obviously we are not in the place to do that. You must solve our economy before giving to other nations.

2. I do not trust him with national security. He was clearly wrong with the surge in Iraq, even though he admitted in an interview the surge was more successful than anyone could have imagined. He still does not admit he was wrong although he was the top person fighting this bill. McCain was a strong supporter. He said he will not commit to a military strike on Iran if they get nuclear weapons. Clearly diplomatic tactics come first, but I need a commander in chief who understands that not only is it unnacceptable for such a reckless nation to have a nuke, but that I want someone who will state that they will attack and strike Iran if they harm our strongest Ally in the region.

3. Raising taxes. Obamas tax plan focuses on gross income, not net income. Meaning that his plan will tax these companies that have large gross incopmes, but have very high bills to pay, between materials and labor. These taxes will no doubt affect growth of small companies, which will effectively stop the creation of more jobs for people. 50% of people work for small companies, and now they are getting laid off, and we need more jobs for them, and that does not work by taxing these companies trying to grow.

4. Energy. I believe the US becoming self dependant on energy will solve many problems. It will help our economy by keeping more money here, creating jobs, not feeding money into terrorist supporting nations, and cleaning up the environment. McCain supports drilling and nuclear power on both. Obama was against both, until he realized they were popular ideas so he switched to a vague reply. He now says that these are good ideas for energy we could di them safely. Both of these methods are safe, as proven by many other countries and studies. We can do it safely, effectively, and quickly.

5. His history. Now I focus very little on this, and I definately focus on policies more. But seeing as how liberals can not stop making criticisms of McCain and Bush, I will point out Obamas history. 1st, his innexperience is not questionable. And do not compare it to Palin, because as I said, this is about supporting and defending Obama, not pointing fingers. He has the least amount of experience in government in hostory of a can didate getting this far. Also, he admits to his cocaine and marijanua addictions throughout high school and college. I believe that shows a big weakness in will power and devotion to a postive life. Next is his ties to people with radical beliefs. Now I ignored all the news’s reports of his questionable ties to people until I researched them. The fact is he has a pattern of these connections to anti american people. He went to church for 20 years to a pastor who is radically anti american and liberal. I think religion plays a big part of a persons life who follows a faith, and a pastor can make a big difference. Next his connection to WIlliam Ayers, a terrorist who bombed many American buildings including the pentagon. He says he hates America, and wishes he had done more attacks, after this he was close with Obama, supported Obama in his advancement, and sheltered Obama in his home to write his policies and grow. He was also a close associate on his board in Obama’s early career. Next, is his ties with extremely radical groups such as ACORN. Which very recently has been involved in voter’s fraud. WHen Obama was in charge of distributing money for education he gave a lot to ACORN, and not to public schools. And now ACORN supports OBAMA and there is a money connection between his campaign and the group.
Next in his history and perosnal life is his wife. Now let me say this, I believe who who befriend, and especially who you marry shows a lot about yourself. HIs wife has said things like she has never been proud of America until her husband got the nomination. She has said many anti american quotes. Now I hate to get into this because this may be leaning towards mudslinging, but it is a pattern of befriending anti american and radical people.

7. His false claims. He lies, a lot. I have typed a lot and am I trying to gfet out of here so I will not go too deep. One thing on his biggest claim. His 250,000 and above tax is not true, or atleast exper

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