Resolved Question: C&A: If I were to search your suitcase at an airport, how many pounds of ANIME would I find in your suitcase?

So, lets say that you were at an airport and I were part of the security and I were to search the contents of your bag/suitcase/purse etc. then I were to measure/wieh the amount of Anime and/or Manga in the bag or suitcase or purse etc. What would be the approximate measurement of Anime DVDs, Anime accesssories or Manga volumes(In pounds) would I find?


1)Anime and Manga are the most potent and effective types of drugs, they’re far more addictive than Herione and Cocaine. True or False?

2)Do you hate when people try to break you of your anime addiction?

3)Would it be easy or considerably difficult for you to break free of your Anime/Manga addiction on your own?

4)Have you ever Overdosed on Anime and Manga? or did you ever overdose on Anime and Manga?

Random Bonus: Do you agree with this pic?


And by the way, try not to take these questions TO seriously.

Nerds Rule~!
@Joey: WTF!!!, can you F***in’ read!! I said dont take the question to seriously Damn It!!!!
Allright, thanks for not taking these questions to seriously everyone else who answered:)

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